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After sound broadcasting became established, thoughts turned to adding vision. The following articles cover the experiments with mechanical television, transition to an electronic system, debates on resolution and finally colour.


   Television in America. April, 1930.

   New Television System. May, 1932.

   Cathode Ray Television. May, 1933.

   Television Progress (Cathode-Ray Systems). May, 1933.

   Television at the Berlin Show. September, 1933.

   Bush Radio - Baird Television Receiver. September, 1933.

   Television Progress. October, 1933.

   The Crystal Cell. October, 1933.

   Television Explained. November, 1933.

   Television Explained. December, 1933.

   New Television System. February 9, 1934.

   Broadcast Television. March 2, 1934.

   Television: 30-Line Tests are Wanted. March 2, 1934.

   Television: the BBC's Responsibility. March 2, 1934.

   Television in Germany. September 14, 1934.

   The Bulb of Many Uses. January 11, 1935.

   Summary b Television Committee Report. February 8, 1935.

   Finding a home for Londonbs Television Transmitter. March 8, 1935.

   Television Reception and the Superhet. March 8, 1935.

   Wireless World Supplement: Television Guide. March 8, 1935.

   High-Definition Television in Germany. March 22, 1935.

   The Telefunken - Karolus television screen. September, 1935.

   Enlarging the Television Image. September, 1935.

   RCA Television Pentodes 1852 and 1853. July, 1938.

   The ABC of Television. August, 1938.

   Electromagnetic Deflection in Television. September, 1938.

   HMV Table Television Model 904. September, 1938.

   Magnetic Television Receiver. July, 1939.

   Colour Television. August, 1939.

   UK Television August 1939. August, 1939.

   Intensifying Television Pictures. November, 1942.

   Colour Television Development. February, 1943.

   Television Receivers. March, 1943.

   Projection Television. May, 1943.

   Television Projectors. May, 1943.

   Baird 'Telechrome'. October, 1944.

   Television Committee's Report - Analysis. May, 1945.

   Television Committee's Report - Editorial. May, 1945.

   Colour Television. May, 1945.

   Television Standards. June, 1945.

   Definition in the Cinema. August, 1945.

   Projection Television. June, 1947.

   BBC Television. December, 1948.

   Pye B18T AC/DC Television Chassis. December, 1948.

   Premier Radio: Television Set. April, 1950.

   Review of Philips Projection Television. October, 1950.

   Colour Television in USA. October, 1950.

   Small Television Camera Tube. November, 1952.

   625-Line Transmissions. June, 1953.

   The Optics of Projection Television. October, 1953.

   New Television Camera Tube. May, 1954.

   Projection Television - Optics Servicing. May, 1954.

   More Lines or Colour. September, 1956.

   Forward Projection in the Home. March, 1958.

   Television Reception on Band V. May, 1958.

   BBC Video Magnetic Tape Recorder. May, 1958.

   BBC Television Centre. May, 1958.

   BBC Television Centre. October, 1958.

   Television Line Output Stages. February, 1959.

   Time Future. April, 1959.

   Television RF Valve Development. 1960.

   Large Screen Colour TV. June, 1960.

   Evolution of the Cathode-Ray Tube. January, 1960.

   The Problem of Lines and Colour. February, 1961.

   The Mullard Twin-Panel Picture Tube. April, 1961.

   New Rectifier for Television Receivers. April, 1961.

   Controlled Warm-up Times for TV Series Heater Chains. February, 1963.

   Mullard Vidicon Camera Tubes. December, 1963.

   Electrons in Picture Tubes. 1964.

   Electrons in Shadow-mask Colour Tubes. 1964.

   Mullard at The Television & Radio Show 1966. August, 1966.

   Single Tube Colour Cameras. June, 1973.

   The New Colour TV Tube. June, 1973.

   BBC Engineering, 1922 Onward. November, 1982.

   Sinclair Launches Mini TV. November, 1983.

   Television Nostalgia. November, 1998.

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   TV Valves

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