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Each museum page has two drop-down menus; one to the top left and one to the top right.
The left Menu is the main navigation area and has headings for all major sub-divisions of the museum data.
The Extras menu is new for October 2015 and it allows a reduction in the number of hyperlinks within the text of each page.
In the museum exhibit pages the extras menu offers a link to the manufacturers other information, the originating collection and finally a link to other exhibits of the same Type Designation.
The main classified indexes are now grouped together under one umbrella page and to find a particular index quickly the extras menu offers a jump to section facility.
Within some of the index sections the extras menu offers a jump to more descriptive information. i.e. for the list of Beam Tetrodes the extras menu has a link to the Beam Tetrode description.
Where the extras menu is empty the link is back to this page under the heading of No Extras. Future versions of the software may make more use of the extras menu.
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