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Collections exhibited within Museum

Andy Layer Valve Gift
Brian Middleton Valve Gift
Brian Watkins' Donation
Camera Tubes from Larry Dapprich
The Christopher Jeffery Collection
The Communications & Electronics Museum Trust
The Curzon Collection
CV Valves from Terence Parsons
Derek Widdowson Bequest
Donation by Dr Julian Iredale (G8HCZ)
Donation by Jonathan Edwards
Donation by Robert Coleman
Donation by Roy Marsh
Donation by Stephen Redburn
Donation from Crowthorne Tubes
Donation by Diane Pringle
Donation by David Tayler
Donation from Jeramy Harmer
Donation from Jeremy Skertchly
Douglas Huxtable Valve Collection
Duncan Brown's Donation
From UKμG Members
G0TAR Valve Donation
G3LLV Valve Donation
G8BLW's Valves
G8LSD Valve Collection
George Jessup Valve Collection
The Hammersmith Collection
The Hampshire Collection
HMS Collingwood
HMS Collingwood Museum
The John Hodgson Collection
Klystrons from G6HUI
The John Lawrence Collection
The Liverpool Collection
Microwave Valves from Mike Diprose
Photographic Donations
Photographic Donations - Joe Gruber
Photographic Donations - Mark Mallison
The Radio Museum
The Rainham Collection
Robert Fry's Donation
Terry Collard Valve Collection
TNMoC The National Museum of Computing - Valves
TV Valves from David Hollins
The Two Margarets
Valves Collected by David Burl
Valves Collected by Dave Church
Valves Collected by Francis Crossley
Valves Collected by Les French
Valves Collected by John Macarthy (G3PHM)
Valves Collected by Norman Taylor
Valve Donation by George Thorley
Valve Donation by Peter Bates (GM4BYF)
Valve Donation from Alan Hensman
Valve Donation from Envocare
Valve Donation from Fred Nachbaur
Valve Donation from G0VXO
Valve Donation from Rod Hawkins
Valves Donated by Bob Hayter (G4OAC)
Valves Donated by Callum Goddard
Valves Donated by Chris Huggett
Valves Donated by Graeme Hurst
Valves Donated by Paul Worth
Valves Donated by Val Dawe
Valves Donated by William Dacey (G1OLQ)
Valves from Claude Jackson
Valves from David Martin
Valves from David Wrigley
Valves from G6TUH
Valves from Lucas-CAV
Valves from Keith Snook
Valves from Lucy Shepard
Valves from Mark Cunliffe
Valves from Susan McFadyn
Valves from William prophet
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Physical Valve era Technology Museums

Colossus Rebuild Project
George Jessup Valve Collection
HMS Collingwood Museum
Washford Radio Museum
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Internet Links

Alfa Elektronky Radomir Aujezdský's valve collection. Radomir was awarded the 2013 Schrader Award by the American Tube Collectors Association.
ASE Associazione Storia dell’Elettronica A very good Italian site and virtual museum run by Emilio Ciardiello. Emilio was awarded the 2016 Stokes Award from the Tube Collectors Association. His article on radar tube development can be found here.
Antique Wireless Association Publisher of the AWA Review et al. Mission: To preserve and share the history of technology used to communicate and entertain from the first telegram to today’s wireless text messaging.
Antique Wireless Association of Southern Africa.
AudioJumble Twice yearly UK event held in Tonbridge.
Brimar Thermionic Products With luck we will soon have UK made valves again.
Cossor Radio Mike Tonkin's homage to this iconic company.
Duncan's Amp Pages & Tube Data Selector A very large & reliable site.
Dynatron Museum The Dynatron museum is a private collection of Dynatron radio equipment ranging from 1930 to 1960.
Frank's Electron Tube Pages a vast collection of datasheets.
Hiend-Audio a new Polish DIY audio site.
Jeff Duntemann's Junkbox American site - source for Compactron data.
Jeremy Harmer Valve Collection another UK valve site.
Internal Fire - Museum of Power A Welsh museum featuring the John Lawrence Collection.
Lowther Voigt Museum Lowther and Voigt are regarded among the best British hi-fi manufacturers of all time.
Online Geeks Portal to many technological web sites.
Radiomuseum Swiss site best seen as a member.
The Valve Page Information and galleries, including radios, televisions and test gear.
La taniere de Murena apk - an android app covering old vacuum tubes technologies and vintage radios.
Tube Collectors Association The major American association.
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Last updated April 12, 2023
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