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Cathode Ray Television

K D Rogers, PW Research Department Popular Wireless May 27, 1933.
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The complete receiver.
Always in the forefront of radio progress, PW presents a Cathode Ray Television Viewer, which is as simple to assemble as an ordinary wireless set. This practical and inexpensive instrument has been developed by the PW Research Department and is now offered as a constructive contribution to the development of the science of Television. As we have frequently stated, television has hitherto been hampered by numerous limitations in both transmission and reception. But we are confident that the Cathode-ray Viewer, which we are now introducing to our readers constitutes a sound basis for the complete and final solution of the problems in so far as reception is concerned. At the transmitting end much remains to be done, but the PW Cathode Ray Viewer is adaptable to various systems of transmission and will enable the constructor to take immediate advantage of any forthcoming improvements in these.

Television as a phenomenon is no new thing. It has been the subject of press talk for many years now, but, unfortunately, comparatively little has been accomplished practically to justify the picturesque claims that have been made.

The views of Popular Wireless on the subject are too well known to require reiteration here, and our scepticism of the possibilities of the mechanical methods of transmission and reception have frequently been expressed.

During the extensive research on cathode ray television reception carried out in the PW Research Department, the camera was frequently called in to record results. The technical difficulties in obtaining quickly moving television images on the photographic plate are tremendous. The camera does not possess the persistence of vision which in the human eye is the basis of success of both television and the cinematograph. Typical of the results as recorded by the camera is that above, taken on May 16th, of one of the BBC artistes during a comic item.

Step by Step

The whole project and comments were presented over a series of weeks.

  1. The System of the Future

  2. Double Time Base Unit

  3. Vision Receiver

  4. Assembling the CRT Viewer

  5. Operating the CRT Viewer

  6. Making the Cabinet

  7. Are Cathode-Rays Dangerous - Popular Scares

  8. Are Cathode-Rays Dangerous - The truth

The receiver in operation.

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