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The Williamson Amplifier

D T N Williamson, Wireless World, Reprint, 1950.
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Reprint of all articles April 1947 to January 1950


By the Editor of Wireless World

Published originally in the August and September, 1947, issues of Wireless World, the Williamson amplifier has established a worldwide reputation among connoisseurs of high-quality reproduction. In the Australian Radiotronics (November-December, 1947) it was described as 'by far the best we have ever tested . . . It not only gives extraordinary linearity and lack of harmonic and intermodulation distortion, but is comparatively simple .... '.

The early articles quickly went out of print and the circuit was reprinted in the August and October, 1949, issues of Wireless World with minor modifications dictated by experience in the extended use of the amplifier. There followed a series of articles on auxiliary equipment, designed to extract the best possible performance from gramophone records and local-station radio programmes.

All these articles are reprinted in this booklet. The original design is included as it gives details of alternative output transformer windings and many interesting oscillograms and performance curves. It is also useful to have the original circuit for reference when reading the author's remarks on adjustment in the article reprinted from the August, 1949, issue.

Contents of the Series

Basic Design Requirements: Alternative Specifications.
Details of Chosen Circuit and Its Performance.
The New Version: Design Data: Modifications: Further Notes
Replies to Queries Raised by Constructors
The second edition of the booklet digitised at the Radiomuseum.
The osram advert on the rear cover.
I have digitised and re-published from a copy of the first edition of the reprinted article collection. This booklet was printed letterpress on coated paper but many characters did not print cleanly. The PDF at the Radiomuseum is an outstanding piece of work.
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