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New Tape Recorder (Grundig TK14)

Wireless World, January, 1962.
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The TK14 (Internet image)

With the new Grundig TK14 recorder at 3.75 in/ sec, the single speed provided, the response is within ±4dB from 60 to 12,000 Hz, the wow and flutter 0.2% RMS and the signal-to-noise ratio 50dB. Up to 5.75 in diameter reels can be used.

The TK14 (Original WW picture)

Unusual features of this recorder are the use of a ceramic magnet loudspeaker and the 'pressure tape'. This latter is a flock-sprayed plastic-tape which is spring loaded so as to press the tape against the head over a greater arc than is usual. This recorder weighs just under 20 lb, measures 14.75 by 11.5 in by 6.75 in and costs 35 guineas. It is available from Grundig (Great Britain) Ltd., of Newlands Park, Sydenham, London, SE26.

I chose the TK14 at age 13 to be my music machine. The 35 guineas (£36 15 00) was paid for over a two year hire-purchase agreement. Regularly I went to the shop with the payment card and used the money from my Saturday job over the two year period. I recorded songs and by the time I went to college in 1969 had some 11 hours of music. LP tapes were 30/- each for a 5.75 inch spool of 1200 ft and had a playing time of 60 minutes per side. The price of tape limited what I could record. This machine was used and used and still exists. The 11 hours of music was digitised a few years ago.

The valve line-up was ECL86, ECC83 and EM84. A metal rectifier was used for the HT.

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