Audio Double Triodes ECC81, ECC82 & ECC83 and Pin Compatibles

The Mulard double triodes ECC81, ECC82 & ECC83

In response to emails asking about pin compatible valves for the classic audio double triodes we have produced this list. For reaching the design parameters of the original valve only valves that are directly equivalent should be used. However for audio amplifier use the special quality valves can be substituted for the normal valves in every case.

The ECC81 is a medium to high gain (μ approx 60) valve originally designed for RF applications as a mixer and has an anode impedance of 10,000 Ω. Also 12AT7, B152, CV455, B309, E2157 & E811CC. Special quality types are: M8162, 12AT7WA, 6060, CV4024 & QA2406

The ECC82 is a low gain (μ approx 17) valve originally designed for audio applications and has an anode impedance of 7,700 Ω. Also 12AU7, B329, CV491, E2163 & E812CC. Special quality types are: M8136, CV4003, 6067, VX7058 & 12AU7A.

The ECC83 is a high gain (μ approx 100) valve originally designed for quality audio applications and has an anode impedance of 62,000 Ω. Also 12AX7, 6L13, B339, CV492, 12DT7, E2164 & E813CC. Special quality types are: M8137, CV4004, 6057 & VX7059.

The 5963 is a computer valve that is similar to the ECC82. The 12BH7 is a television valve that is similar to the ECC82.

The 13D3 is an audio output valve designed for quiescent push-pull. It also is a low impedance type. A special quality version is the 6158, VX7124, CV2212 & CV4068.

The 5814A is an american speciality quality valve that is close in specification to the ECC82.

The 7025A is close in specification to the ECC83.

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